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Well-known nut oils. Is macadamia better than cedar?

Nuts make up a treasure trove of nutrients and have an incredible nutritional value in a daily diet. Not just in the diet, though. An oil extracted from nuts is the best beauty substance you can imagine.

Hair care cosmetics with Pine Oil you should try out!

Pine oil is obtained because of its healing properties and nutty taste. It contains proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It is used in medicine, cosmetics and perfumery. Will you also like it? Pine hair oil contains

Cedar nut oil – choose the best one and fall in love with it

Do you think there is no such thing as the perfect oil for hair? The ideal recipe for skin and hair problems does not exist? Wrong, and the best way to prove it is cedar nut oil.

What’s in the cedar nut oil? Let’s see why is it so popular

Cedar nut oil is one of the most frequently used in medicine. It contains number of properties, that allow not only general health improvement, but also effectively condition body and hair. Why is cedar nut oil used

Siberian Cedar Nut Oil. How does it work in hair care?

Natural Siberian Cedar Nut Oil is valued in cosmetology, dermatology and many fields of medicine. Apart from excellent healing properties, it also works in daily beauty care. Many women are unaware of hair benefits that cedar oil